High Technology Industries
  Pharmaceutical and Food Manufacturing Industries
  Biotechnology Containment and Bio-Hazard Facilities
  Meeting The Needs of Every Industry
  In high technology industries such as semi-conductors, disk drivers and microelectronics,sub-micron particles can reduce production yield and effect product quality.

Similarly, in pharmaceuticals, food processing and biotechnology, micro-organisms are the biggest threat to product quality and personnel safety.

One of the critical success factors for these industries is good design, proper installation and efficient maintenance for their cleanroom facilities.

For over 15 years, Viron Techology Sdn Bhd (Viron) has been providing total solutions to various multinational and local manufacturers and organizations for their cleanroom facilities installation and services.

Our Vision
To provide excellent and value added cleanroom solutions for every industry.

Our Mission
To be a leading provider of cleanroom solutions in the South East Asia region.
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