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Clean room utilities services

Recognized as one of the top commercial clean room and HAVC system companies worldwide, Viron’s clean room service offers options for all of your commercial cleaning needs. Why should it be any different with our clean room utilities services? Viron’s integrated design and manufacturing know-how lets you specify not just a clean work environment, but a total production solution. We offer a full complement of office-cleaning services for businesses, corporations, and small companies Many of them have all come to use and love, with low rates, excellent customer service, and a wide range of janitorial duties.

cleanroom utilities services
clean room utilities services: pharma cleanroom

We allow our customers to join our customized clean room process through our modern technology by allowing users to calculate the Life Cycle Cost and cleanliness class for different clean rooms design. Different configurations can be analyzed ranging from ventilating to unidirectional installations. Wide ranges of reports are available, including clean room classifications as well as specifications for selected products. Additional information such as CO2, emissions and efficiency of the filter system is also available. By using our clean room design standards which was developed specifically with focus on air filter performance and clean room processes, a higher degree of accuracy can be obtained compared to manual calculations or the use of old practices. Using our clean room utilities services with knowledge of important parameters such as air filter performance, system functionality etc., will lead to useful end result. A professional service has the opportunity to serve as an aid for the engineer or the constructor of a clean room in the prospect phase of a clean room design.

cleanroom design standar

Cleanroom wall and Ceiling Installation

We has created a range of services that simplifies design, product selection and makes recommendations related to energy use and the air supply in the final design. The cleanliness level in a clean room is dependent on the design of the ventilation system, and the source of contaminants. This makes it necessary to use a sets of standard services to make design improvements for a clean room. A few simple modifications to your clean room can increase efficiency, boost performance and slash operating expenses. We bring you step-by-step services you can take to optimize your controlled-environment facility.

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